Everyone can do it

With our dynamic website editor, no coding skills are required to build a website or online shop. Simply choose one of our free dynamic templates and designs and customize it to your needs.


Unlimited web resources

With semilimes, you have no server resource limitations. You have unlimited web storage as well as unlimited monthly bandwidth. You can also connect the SSL certificate to secure users' connection and transactions.

Fully integrated online shop

Your online shop will be seamlessly integrated with other semilimes tools, like Finance & Accounting, Sales & Purchasing, to track sales, dispatches, payments and to update stock levels.


Out of the box set up and configuration

Custom website domain

Integration with payment and shipping services

Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly

Forum and blog features

Carrier and shipping cost automation

semilimes FAQ

Do you have questions?

You can sell goods as well as intangible items, like services, using semilimes e-commerce tool.

To track your online sales invoices and payments, we advise launching semilimes Finance & Accounting. To update your stock levels and manage purchasing processes, semilimes Sales & Purchasing tool can be launched. If your business produces goods and sells them online, semilimes Manufacturing Management can be launched together with semilimes Website and E-commerce.

Currently, you can create one online shop for each company you run in semilimes. But you can have as many company-related online shops in semilimes as you wish.

Yes, semilimes web builder provides fully responsive templates to produce a mobile-friendly site with no extra effort.

You find all the answers in the Blog and you can ask the semilimes community or get help from the support team.

All semilimes tools are integrated with each other. Our team is working on expanding semilimes with additional services, which will extend the functionality of our tools.

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