semilimes ERP

Our free of charge cloud based ERP provides flexible finance and accounting functionality, which can be customized to businesses of different sizes and industries.

semilimes ERP

Gain control and enjoy the full overview over the finance and accounting processes of your business with semilimes ERP.

semilimes ERP

Chart of accounts and financial statements

Country and legal type specific chart of accounts and financial statements structure are pre-configured in the semilimes ERP. You can change and adjust charts and statement structure for your needs.


Process invoices through different approval steps. Link sale order, shipments, payment terms and payments to customer or supplier invoice. Issue credit notes to correct the invoiced amount.

Control the working capital of your busines

Handle advanced covenants for payment terms, configure and manage dunning to easily collect outstanding accounts receivable, produce accounts receivable and payable reports. Apply payments to invoices, book and reconcile bank statements. Track each payment method in a separate accounting journal to control your cash receipts and outflows better.


Localized tax matrix and tax report structure is included into the semilimes ERP. Apply existing taxes to financial transactions, or adjust a tax matrix for the specific needs of your business. Produce a meaningful inputs for tax returns. ERP supports tax reporting on cash or accrual basis. 

  • Fast Setup Process
  • Multi-Currency
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • 100% Cloud-Based
  • Dynamic Content
  • Adapt Tools to Your Needs

Manage Tasks and Track Business Performance

Steve Perkins

CIO, HoganTaylor

semilimes ERP

Who we are

We are a group of global thinkers, programmers, business analysts and designers, led by our philanthropic founder and chief executive based in Switzerland.

What we believe in

We believe that talented, hard-working and honest individuals from all over the world should be given the opportunity to collaborate with likeminded people.

What we do

We are providers of business tools that are free of charge to businesses and individuals. By doing so, we intend to offer an equal opportunity platform to all.

How we earn our living

The semilimes business platform not only includes a fully-fledged ERP system, Web builder and messenger, but also comprises a marketplace for freelancers, goods and services.

Award-winning integrations, including:

Review & Submit

Duplicate Detection

Tallie detects potential duplicates by comparing each receipt with all the expense items in your account.

Expense Policy Check

Set your policies and Tallie will flag the exceptions. For clarity, each exception includes a description of the policy.

Status Updates

See where each expense report is in the approval process and receive an email confirmation once each report is approved.

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