Van W.

"Very promising tools for our SMB."

 IT Executive

Pros: At the beginning I was thinking "free for all"? Does that even exist, or is there a catch. Well, at the time of writing this article there is no single catch. You get an ERP, a messenger, a project management tool (needs improvements), an accounting software and a web builder (that too needs improvements) at zero cost. What I particularly like is the fact that the ERP can be customized to your company's needs and that's great. What's also nice is that there seems to be an active community and their support team is always there to help.

Cons: The project management tools are fine in terms of concept, however they need improvement in terms of user interface. I already flagged this to the team and I hope there is a new update soon. Same applies with the web builder. You need to have some basic web development skills to be able to take full advantage of the builder.

Overall: All in One ....