Gerald H.

"An Amazing FREE Array of Business Tools"


Pros: One of the toughest things for a small business owner is sifting through the endless parade of so-called 'free' business tools. There's almost ALWAYS a catch. NOT with Semilimes. When they say 'free', they mean FREE. While I can't possibly use every business tool they offer, there's so much available I don't have to worry about when my business expands and grows!

Cons: In its infancy here, some of the platform operates more like a database and in a world of GUI (graphical user interfaces), or those icon images you click on and smart boxes, it feels clunky at times. Once I got through the initial 'what is this' and discovered the power Semilimes offers, all that faded quickly.

Overall: I'm absolutely impressed with Semilimes in every possible way. I was skeptical at first about 'free' this and that, but building my website on their platform was easy and there are NO ADS like you get with all those other so-called free hosting companies. The Messenger app is efficient and it makes it that much easier for me to communicate with my team and organize channels. Hiring through the semilimes platform is also smooth and effective; I no longer have to sift through an endless parade of freelancers. I can find the one I want with ease.