Jonathan Mark P.

"This ERP provided me a cost-efficient and reliable system to manage my business."

 Freelance CRM/ERP/IT

Pros: A. A single platform where you can set-up your ERP system, generate your website, collaborate via a web-based or mobile messenger, and hire freelancers to help you in your development needs.

Try to find a system that combines Skype, Upwork, ODOO, Shopify into one platform. The best part is that it's free!

B. Localization features is part of the core feature that helps businesses to comply with their local regulatory requirements.

C. Real-time integration between e-commerce site and back-end ERP system. This means there's no need to replicate customer, products, pricing data from ERP to e-commerce site.

D. Fast track deployment through guided questionnaire standardizes implementation project and easily deploy functionalities specific to your business.

Cons: A. A configurable workflow automation feature is not available.

B. No feature to easily expose data via API to support integration use-cases

Overall: I got a back-end ERP system where I can generate my own website on the fly. I can also use it to collaborate with my colleagues through video conferences.