The amazing benefits of
semilimes for small
businesses and startups

As humans need vitamins, small businesses

and startups need everything to support their

growth and success. Using semilimes to run

your ERP will help rejuvenate its

performance, simplify processes, and most

importantly, help refresh the overall

management of your business resources,

projects, teams and clients!

How many service providers

does your business rely on ?

Managing business




Collaborating with teams

and customers

Hiring people

Managing projects

and leads


semilimes gives you all of these


semilimes core ERP

With semilimes's comprehensive set of business modules you can easily manage business flows, create tasks, take care of accounting and finance, control sales and purchases, manufacturing, stock, distribution, shipping and e-commerce. And this is just the beginning!

Website builder

semilimes lets you build a stunning corporate website in minutes, with simple drag and drop tools. With just a few clicks you can add forums, blogs, or an online store seamlessly connected with the semilimes ERP.

semilimes messenger

Keep communication in-house with semilimes messenger. Stay in touch via chat, voice, video and conference calls, or boost your productivity with integrated file and screen sharing.

Project management

Manage, organise and plan all your work using the semilimes project management tools to coordinate and assign tasks to your team members. Share feedback and have a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects.

Communities and marketplace

List your skills and talents in the semilimes directory to connect with customers and clients. You can also setup a freelancer profile to receive tailored job offers from trusted companies.


semilimes supercharges the performance and management of your business just as vitamins boost the body's functions. Having the right set of business tools simplifies your job, enables your business to run more efficiently and allows you to scale up your activities. At semilimes, we deliver many of those tools, all in one package and free of charge.

Our Promise and Commitment

Accessible and free

for everyone, regardless of
company size or location.

Continually growing

by implementing new features and

Always transparent

and open to community
feedback and comments.

Flexible and adaptable

to your company structure and
scaling needs.