semilimes ERP.

Management and business-boosting tools.
All in one place.

semilimes is the first end-to-end platform to integrate all the tools you’ll
ever need to launch, improve and scale your business.

Fast Setup Process

Setting up your ERP is fast and easy using semilimes. One of the main objectives of semilimes is to keep things simple and user-friendly without compromising on functionality or performance. semilimes ERP handles everything from the simplest calculations to the most advanced ERP features a company needs by taking you through an easy-to-use step-by-step set up process, empowering you to spend less time entering data and more time growing your business.

360 Business View

Running on semilimes gives you complete control over your business and provides you with an overview from different perspectives. Managing your customers through the integrated CRM, running your finance and accounting, handling sales, controlling your warehouse and much more, can all be taken care of through the interactive and easy-to-use interface.

Manage Tasks and Track Business Performance

You can easily create new tasks and have them assigned to your team members, giving you full control of your projects. Through the reporting and analytics modules, you are provided an overview and can understand your business’ strengths and weaknesses as well as a detailed business workflow.

Accounting and Tax

-Pre set charts of accounts
-Supporting different accounting systems
-Integration with tax services
-VAT and sales tax support
-Accounting analytics

Warehousing and Stock

-Multiple stock locations
-Return shipments
-Inventory management
-Stock lots management
-Stock forecasts

Sales and CRM

-Customizable sales processes
-Sales funnel processing
-Sales price lists
-Sales agents and commission management
-Recurring sales automation
-Sales campaigns, coupons and promotions

Communication at its Best

The integrated instant messenger and notification system makes it easy for your team members to collaborate. Whether it's texting, calling or hosting a video conference call, semilimes Messenger can handle everything without the need for any third-party tools or plugins.

Integrated E-Commerce Platform

semilimes allows you to reduce overstock as well as improve the efficiency of your customers’ orders by providing a complete overview and stock management system. Best of all, you can sell directly through your website via the semilimes online e-commerce module that automatically integrates with your semilimes ERP financial system.

Adapt Tools to Your Needs

semilimes gives you complete flexibility, whether it comes to adding modules or tailoring the ERP to your business processes. You can expand the platform through third party integrations and custom modules, so it adapts to your needs, not the other way around.


-Management of BOMs
-Production operations
-Support for routings and work centres
-Production process

Project Management

-Track progress of tasks and projects
-Task dependencies and levelling
-Project resource allocation
-Invoicing progress


-Fully integrated web portal featuring web shop, forum, blog, company pages and many more
-Engagement and analytics tools
-Integration with payment gateway and shipping services