Automate routine processes

Create and process sale or purchase orders. Automatically create inbound, internal and outbound stock shipments. Based on the sales or purchase order, create, approve and process vendor or customer invoices.


Always know what’s in your stock

Create multiple warehouses and stock locations, process inbound, internal and outbound and drop shipments. Set up stock order points to deliver goods to your customers on time. Do an inventory count to update goods amounts in stock.

Reach sales goals with sales campaigns and promotions

Increase your sales by running temporary or permanent sales campaigns and promotions. Apply them for a specific region, for a group of customers or products.

Manage your vendors and customers

Manage vendors and customers effectively. Create profiles, addresses, contacts, define their contact persons. Set up vendor purchase and delivery rules, and customer pricing rules.

The power of integration

semilimes Sales & Purchasing is deeply integrated with Accounting and Finance, Website & E-Commerce semilimes tools. See the larger picture and get daily dashboards.


Easy set up, no IT resources required

Customizable sales and purchasing process

Online reporting

Customer complaints management

Purchase order points and stock lots

Shipping and carrier costs management

semilimes FAQ

Do you have questions?

Once you activated and set up semilimes Sales & Purchasing tool, you can work there on your own or invite team members. The user access rights can be set up for each team member in the settings of your company.

Sales & Purchasing tools come with unlimited capabilities and is scalable for any company size.

Yes, semilimes Sales & Purchasing tool allows to create sales agents, set up sales commission rules, apply commissions to sales invoices and calculate the sales commission amounts.

You find all the answers in the Blog and you can ask the semilimes community or get help from the support team.

All semilimes tools are integrated with each other. Our team is working on expanding semilimes with additional services to extend the functionality of our tools.

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