A Community Where Business Owners And Freelancers Work Together


Showcase your company’s profile, collect ratings and feedback and even hire skilled freelancers for your projects.

All made possible via the semilimes community network

Connect with other businesses, network, hire or be hired.

The semilimes Community Network Is All About Exhibiting Your Company, Discovering Business Opportunities & Working As A Freelancer

Build your publicly accessible company page and showcase it to thousands of users


Engage with the semilimes professional community and drive traffic to your site and business

Easily hire talented individuals from all over the world, from agencies to freelancers

Create your freelancer profile in just a few minutes and start applying for projects

Thousands of people are using semilimes. here’s your chance to showcase your business or talents for FREE

It’s all about your business

If you're a business owner you can setup your semilimes business page and start sharing it wherever you want. You can include your company details, contact information, opening hours and even create public channels to share announcements, news, and updates.

Browse for new opportunities

If you're looking to connect with other businesses, simply browse the company database and select the one that matches your needs and interests. You can then get in touch with them or even subscribe to any of their public channels and interact with their posts.

You can also search our freelancer database and search for talented people to join your team and work with you. Whether it’s a graphic designer, a web developer, or a marketer, simply send them an invitation and once they accept, they will be part of your team.

Hire Freelancers Using Escrow Security

Whenever you hire a freelancer, your money is put in an escrow account until the project or a milestone is complete. The funds stay there until your freelancer meets their obligations and you confirm your satisfaction. You can then release the funds to them. If at any time there are is a dispute, you can discuss those with your freelancer and if no solution is found, you can then ask us to step in and help resolve the situation.

  • Creation of public company page
  • Broadcast your company's news
  • Invite people to your teams
  • Connect with other businesses
  • Find great talent fast
  • Work as a freelancer

"A different Approach for Hiring Freelancers"

The main challenge on getting freelancers to work for a project is that you always consider them as independent consultants and not part of your company. When you hire someone from semilimes, things are different. You can invite them to actually become members of your company, assign them projects and tasks and essentially start considering them as part of your team even if they are remotely based.

Vitaliy K.

Full Integration With semilimes ERP

What is the semilimes ERP?

semilimes ERP is the foundation of all our business tools and modules. Through our innovative, flexible, and FREE of charge ERP, you can carry out several tasks, such as:


  • Website Builder
  • E-Commerce (Online Shop) Builder
  • Business Collaboration Tools
  • Assets & Resources Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Networking and Freelancers Communities
  • And much more!

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