Single point for different communication types

Create one-to-one and group chats for calls, video conferencing and file sharing. Create company communication channels for different groups, projects, occasional and permanent issues.


Don’t miss important events

Schedule important events like calls, actions, follow-ups for you and your team, and get reminders once they’re due. Set up notifications for finance and accounting, sales, or purchase and project management issues.

Share files and documents

Easily share files and documents in private or group chats or company channels. Your recipients can download and save attachments. No longer will important files will not be lost in the communication.

No distance or borders constraints

semilimes Messenger provides high-quality audio calls and group video calls for your team members worldwide. With semilimes Messenger, your business will have an effective tool to manage and collaborate with remote team members, no matter where in the world they reside.


Video conferencing for an unlimited number of users

Mobile and desktop versions

Integration with all semilimes tools

Company channels

Email notifications on unread messages

Social interaction features - mentions, search, reactions, pinging and many more

semilimes FAQ

Do you have questions?

No, you can invite as many people to your contacts as you wish. You can communicate with them in one-to-one chats, group chats, or through channels.

There are no technical limitations on the quantity of video conference participants. Your bandwidth and speed of internet connection, however, can impact the quality of video conference call.

Messenger is available in web version and as a mobile application for iOS (Apple) devices. The mobile application has the same functionality as web based Messenger.

You can set up the messenger channel, which will show notifications from third-party service providers. For example, a Github bot can send notifications to a dedicated messenger channel.

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