Doing it right from the start

Set up your manufacturing process easily by configuring work centers, routings, bills of materials, and operations.


Adaptable to your unique case

Set up bills of materials to convert raw materials into finished goods, create sequential or parallel manufacturing processes in work centers.

Keeping company finance and stock up-to-date

Manufacturing Management automatically updates stock of raw materials and finished goods and changes accounting ledger and finance reports.

The power of integration

semilimes Manufacturing Management is deeply integrated with Accounting & Finance, Sales & Purchases semilimes tools.


Easy set up, no IT resources required

Flexible to any process

Online reporting & dashboards

Bill of materials and routings

Multiple work centers

Production operations & calendar

semilimes FAQ

Do you have questions?

Once you activated and set up semilimes Manufacturing Management tool, you can work there on your own or invite team members. The user access rights can be set up for each team member in the settings of your company.

Manufacturing process impacts company’s purchasing, warehousing, finance and accounting processes. It is recommended to use semilimes Finance & Accounting and semilimes Sales & Purchasing tools together with semilimes Manufacturing Management.

You find all the answers in the Blog or you can ask the semilimes community or get help from the support team.

All semilimes tools are integrated with each other. Our team is working on expanding semilimes with additional services to extend the functionality of our tools.

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