An ERP That Enables You To Take Control Of Your Business 


semilimes EPR is a cloud-based, free software system that is engineered to manage business flow, covering sales, purchasing, stock, finance, accounting and tax, project management, manufacturing, and e-commerce

powerful "nutrients" to grow and keep your business healthy

semilimes is the ideal ERP for small and mid-sized companies that want to manage their resources, projects, customers, invoices, orders and more all in one platform

Fast and straightforward deployment process.


Customisable with tailor made modules.

Adjustable & ready to match your business processes.

No implementation, no maintenance costs, 100% Cloud-based. 

So many features to keep your business fit

Managing your sales and purchases has never been easier.

Here’s a snapshot of what semilimes can do:

  • Setup customizable sales and funnel processes
  • Create agents and manage commission payments
  • Build promotional campaigns via coupons and discounts
  • Set supplier rules and price lists
  • Customizable purchasing process
  • Order points management

Accounting made simple.

Accounting and managing your finances takes time but with semilimes things are simpler and faster. Here's how:

  • Pre set charts of accounts and tax matrix
  • Support of different accounting systems and integration with tax services
  • Support for VAT and sales taxes
  • Analytic accounting
  • Multicurrency support
  • Integration with banks and payment gateways
  • Fixed assets management and working capital management
  • Invoicing, payments and reconciliations

Warehouse and Stock Management.

One of the most challenging and time-consuming process is warehousing and stock management, which usually requires stand-alone dedicated software. With semilimes, you can easily manage the following:

  • Multiple stock locations
  • Shipments and drop shipments
  • Return shipments
  • Inventories
  • Stock lots
  • Stock forecasts
  • Packaging
  • Shipment and Delivery Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Project Management
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Collaboration Tools

"We were Looking for An ERP - We got Much more"

There are tons of ERPs to choose from and we've been through dozens of them. When we started testing semilimes, we realized that this is an ERP that can be flexible enough to meet our needs but most importantly, it's an ERP that's merged with additional tools, such as project management, accounting tools, web builder and even a freelancer database to hire skilled people. What also makes semilimes stand out, is the superb support that you receive, at no extra cost. 

Alexander O.

Full Integration with semilimes Business Tools

What are semilimes business tools?

semilimes is the first end-to-end platform to integrate all the tools you will ever need to launch, run, improve, and scale your business. Running your business on semilimes means you can take advantage of the following features using one platform.


Here's what you will get:

  • An ERP system allowing you to manage your business resources
  • E-Commerce (Online Shop) Builder
  • Business Collaboration Tools
  • Assets & Resources Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Networking and Freelancers Communities
  • And much more!

Easy Implementation and Dedicated Support

Get Started With Ease

Setting up your company on semilimes is easy. We’ve created an EPR configurator tool as well as pre-configured sets of demo ERP instances that make the deployment process fast and straightforward, for both mature as well as newly established businesses.

Flexible to Your Needs

You can easily adjust the ERP to meet your business processes or choose to apply the process flows that are suggested by the system.

Need Support? We’ve got you covered!

Our 24/7 support team will answer your questions and help you with ERP implementation. In addition, we have certified semilimes ERP consultants who can become part of your team and guide you through the entire implementation and running process.

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