A Cloud-Based Hub Where Your Team Communicates, Collaborates & Shares Information


semilimes collaboration tools provide everything you and your team needs to work seamlessly, stay in sync, meet deadlines, and reach your business goals.

Manage Everything That is Needed To Deliver Your Tasks & Projects From One Workspace

Work collaboratively, review projects, share ideas, and get tasks done in real time

Carry out direct chats with other team members, screenshare, or schedule and run voice and video conference calls


Collaborate in team channels, organized by topic, client, team, or whatever makes the most sense to you

Organize, delegate, and prioritize your projects and tasks, enabling your teams to focus on what they do best

Place your files in semilimes docs and access them from anywhere in the world. Share them with your teams or in your chats

Get More Done & Focus On The Work That Matters Most

Connect with anyone, anywhere, and anytime with semilimes messenger

When it comes to team communication, semilimes has you covered. With semilimes messenger, you can carry out 1-on-1or group discussions via text, voice, or video. You can create channels and organize them by topic, project or client, create upcoming events with teams, or even initiate chats via email.

Cloud-based project and task management for any business

With semilimes project and tool management options, you can organize everything required to deliver your project and tasks on time.

Create long-term and short-term goals into manageable projects and tasks, assign them to your team members, set deliverables and even upload files. At any time change the current status of your tasks, from low priority to high priority, from pending to completed – anything that makes sense to you.

Access and share files across teams or even with clients and third parties

Semilimes docs offers a central place to access and manage files, allowing you to simplify your work and minimize effort whenever you want to share and collaborate on documents. Every user gets 1 GB secured space for free.

Controlling and managing the privacy and security of your files is easy, safe, and reliable.  Easily choose to share documents with your teams or even with third parties or you can simply keep them confidential. You maintain complete control over your documents and their access rights.

  • Run audio & video call meetings
  • Monitor tasks and projects
  • Keep track of discussions
  • Share info with the right people
  • MaintainFull Control of Your Data
  • 100% Cloud-Based

"Simplicity and Less Clutter"

The main reason why our company started using semilimes was for the ERP system. All our collaboration tools, were coming from other providers, and this made our work more tedious. That's when we started using semilimes collaboration tools. It's awesome to be able to have project management, document management and a communication system that allows our teams to efficiently work together.

And the greatest thing of all, is that all of these tools now "talk" to each other and especially to our ERP.

  Gerald H.

Full Integration With semilimes ERP

What is the semilimes ERP?

semilimes ERP is the foundation of all our business tools and modules. Through our innovative, flexible, and FREE ERP, you can carry out several tasks, such as:


  • Website Builder
  • E-Commerce (Online Shop) Builder
  • Business Collaboration Tools
  • Assets & Resources Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Networking and Freelancers Communities
  • And much more!

Additional Powerful Features  

Create an Email Chat

We get it; not everyone is using semilimes messenger just yet, but you can still carry out conversations with “outsiders”. In messenger, simply create an email chat and start typing. The user will get an email with your text and they can simply reply to that email.

Seamless Integration

Our collaboration tools work together in order to make your business flow smoother and more enjoyable. For example, in the project and task management module, you can set a trigger to automatically update your messenger team channels whenever a new task or project has been created.

Mobile Communication

We want to make sure that you can communicate with your teams any time and from anywhere. This is why we have launched semilimes messenger app, which you can use with your iPhone and iPad. You can carry out chat, voice, or even video discussions directly from your mobile device (Android coming soon).

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