Cloud-based Small Business Accounting and Finance Software

Our free of charge cloud-based ERP provides flexible finance and accounting modules that can be used by any sized business in any industry.

Save time & Focus on Business

Gain control and enjoy the full scope of your business finances and accounting processes with semilimes ERP

Overview of the current financial position of your business


 Works seamlessly with other semilimes tools

Easy to set up and simple to use

100% cloud-based

semilimes ERP Accounting Functionality & Features

Chart of accounts and financial statements

Our country specific charts of accounts and financial statements templates are pre-configured in semilimes ERP. Adjustable charts and statements structures are designed to match your needs.


Process invoices through different approval steps. Link sales orders, shipments, payment terms and payments to customers or supplier invoices, issue credit notes to correct an invoiced amount and more.

Control the working capital of your business

Handle complex payment terms, configure and manage dunnings to easily collect outstanding accounts receivable, produce accounts receivable and payable reports. Apply payments to invoices, book, and reconcile bank statements. Track each payment method in a separate accounting journal to monitor your cash receipts and outflows better.


Localized tax matrix and tax report structure is included in semilimes ERP. Apply existing taxes to financial transactions or adjust a tax matrix for the specific needs of your business. Produce relevant inputs for tax returns. ERP supports tax reporting on a cash or accrual basis. 

Fixed Assets

Upload new or existing fixed assets onto the balance sheet, automatically calculate, and book straight-line asset depreciation.

  • Efficient Setup Process
  • Multi-Currency
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • 100% Cloud-Based
  • Dynamic Content
  • Adapt Tools to Your Needs

"An Investment Well Worth it"

When we started looking around for an accounting software for our company, we didn't even know what ERP stands for, let alone need one. After using semilimes accounting software, we gradually started using the additional integrated modules that come with it, such as messenger, docs and project management tools. Eventually we started using all the core ERP features that work seamlessly with the accounting software and I only have to say one thing: If you want your business to grow, semilimes might be the best software out there!

Antonis A. - Anadixis Digital Solutions

Full Integration with semilimes ERP

What is the semilimes ERP?

semilimes ERP is the foundation of all our business tools and modules. Through our innovative, flexible and FREE ERP, you can carry out several tasks, such as:


  • Website Builder
  • E-Commerce (Online Shop) Builder
  • Business Collaboration Tools
  • Assets & Resources Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Networking and Freelancers Communities
  • And much more!

Additional Powerful Features  

County Specific Localisation 

semilimes accounting supports accounting and tax configurations for: USA, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Bangladesh. And the list is growing!


semilimes ERP is fully integrated with the finance and accounting e-commerce component.

Status Updates

Expandable ERP functionality with inventory management, carriers and shipping, project management, CRM, sales and procurement and manufacturing components.

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