The Opinions, Experiences, and Thoughts of Our Client Base SHAPE Our Direction

Growth. It’s one of the major goals for most businesses. It sounds great when those couple of men or women pour countless hours into building their business from a wisp of an idea into a major company, and while there are numerous components that need to be integrated, planned, altered along the way, considered, and experienced, when growth is taking root, it feels wonderful.

Yet it can also pose a number of new challenges.

Growth may be the ultimate goal for every business owner, but it can also compound a number of issues that weren’t previously considered. Take, for example, expansion into other regions or countries around the world.
New regulations, time zones, customer cultures and expectations, and a mighty list of aspects often compounds the issues of fluidity within the business structure. That’s where ERP becomes an integral component.

Does a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach work?

This is one of the key fundamental challenges growing companies face when incorporating ERP systems into their platforms: will a general system setup work the same for their needs as it does for a different business model?
Often, that’s not the case, which is why it becomes integral to focus on the feedback and specific needs of each client to ensure whatever platform, web development builder, e-commerce solution, or other specific need is engineered to suit that specific company.

semilimes listens.

We have built a company that understands that what our community of clients, friends, and fellow business leaders require is just as important as the tools we develop for them. As we have seen through a number of other software companies and how they approach their systems and solutions is to effectively ignore what their users and communities discuss.

We listen. We pay attention. We read through community forums and emails we receive every day. We make note of the concerns, ideas, and considerations our community provides because this is from where true change and positive solutions derive.

This is one of the fundamental differences that sets us apart from almost all other ERP development firms in the world; not just our willingness to listen but our sincere desire to make our clients a part of our family.
It’s easy to consider a solution and assume you know how to best make it work, but it’s another thing entirely to actually get down within the people who will be most impacted by it. That’s where lasting, potent, and powerful solutions happen and that’s why we will continue to hear, listen, and learn from our end-users … our clients.

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