Setting up the live support chat with semilimes web tools

All you need to do is set up the company website and assign team members who will handle website visitor queries. In this article, we’ll review the step-by-step process for setting up live support chat for your website, using semilimes tools. 

First, you need to set up and launch the website for your business. Start the ERP configuration questionnaire and select the Web Portal and Online Shop components for the configuration.

Note: The Web Portal component provides the functionality to build and launch the web page; The Online Shop component launches the functionality for the web shop and e-commerce. 

Next, the user Role, which answers website visitor’s queries needs to be created. Navigate to the company Settings tab and create a new user Role. You can also use the existing default Roles for this purpose.  

In this demonstration, we have created a new Website support user Role. All Team Members, having this role, will receive messages coming from the website support chat.  


Note: Your ERP has to be activated before creating and adding new user Roles. 

The next step is to assign the Role to the company Team Members. Navigate to the Team tab and press the Manage button. Select the appropriate user Role.

All Team Members (who have been assigned with the Website support User Role) will receive live support chat messages.

Next, create and set up the live chat button on the company website. 

Open the website page in EDIT mode where the support chat button is found. 

From the left-hand menu, select the live chat icon and drag it to the web page to where you want the chat icon located.

Click on the live chat icon and the Button configuration menu will open. In this menu, you can define the following settings:

- The user Role, which will receive website visitors’ queries;

- Initial chat message text – the message which will appear once the conversation is initiated;

- Chat title in the messenger;

- Chat button name and settings for the live chat button appearing on the web page.

Now, live chat support is ready to receive customer or website visitor queries. Once the live chat dialogue is set up, all Team Members in the selected user Group will receive the user queries in a new Chat in semilimes messenger.

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