semilimes Updates Announcements – 30.05.2019

semilimes is currently making major improvements across the platform. Below is a list of some updates we’ve made during the past week.



  • The search filters have been improved. Use the filtering features to search companies by country of origin and industry preferences. Look up professional profiles filtered by location, languages and skills.


  • To post jobs to the Marketplace, please finish configuring the company until 100% complete.
  • The form to create a job post has been refactored to improve listings and options.
    • Once a job post is created and posted, a simple button can make it ‘available/unavailable’.
    • Making a job ‘available’ lists it in the Job Feed.
  • A company owner can now provide access rights to team members to hire, add contracts, and other vital assignments.
    • In the past, only the listed ‘owner’ was able to perform these tasks, despite administrative assignments.
  • Within an open contract, the entire history of milestones (including changes that are made) are viewable for all active contracts.
  • If some contracts are placed on hold, new, recurring milestones will automatically refresh when the project is restarted.


  • To simplify the navigation between personal and company profiles in semilimes, users now can access the Dashboard, which permits switching to Company Workspace, Webportal, Settings, Personal profile settings, Marketplace and Directory. Users can access the Dashboard by clicking on semilimes’ logo on the upper-right side of the screen.
  • The Workspace has a new menu toolbar.
    • This can be expanded/collapsed to suit users’ preferences. A clearer focus and easier to navigate menu offers better appeal to users.
  • An e-commerce payment processing error has been fixed.
    • Customers will have no issues completing (and connecting) payments for goods/services through the customer e-shop.
  • For invoices the filtering process (by date) has been improved.

Onboarding - User Portal

  • A new ‘Help Tour’ is implemented to assist new users. The Help Tour can be accessed anytime by clicking the ‘?’ sign within main menu.
  • Team members without relevant access rights may no longer change or add company settings and company information within the company profile.
  • Users have the option to choose the levels of information they wish to add when configuring their company in semilimes. This is to simplify the company configuration process.


  • During a group video call, using ‘full screen’ mode had a bug that caused the sound to disappear.
    • This bug has been corrected.

Web Builder

A new ‘Back to Workspace’ option allows users to navigate back to their semilimes Workspace and the website settings within the Workspace itself.

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