semilimes Updates Announcements – 29.04.2019

A number of improvements have been made to the semilimes platform this past week and we’d like to draw your attention to the major ones that may directly impact your experience with these tools.


  • The two main view options - list and form - throughout the Workspace have been enhanced. This improvement provides simplicity while working with various documents throughout the Workspace environment.
  • If a document (such as an Invoice) has other related documents connected to it, those related documents can be opened within the main document view.
    • For example, within an Invoice, it’s possible to open a Sales or Purchase document from the Invoice document.
  • ‘Required’ fields in forms are now functioning properly.
    • When information is entered into those ‘required’ fields, the system will recognize it where, in the past, some issues had been reported and clients were unable to save their created forms.
  • If a document contains a table within it, the header titles of that table can be organized in a different sequence to suit the user’s specific needs/preferences.
    • This works on all forms that contain tables.
  • Attaching media files to products has been improved.
    • Once the user has configured and launched their web shop using the semilimes platform, images can be added for products listed on their e-commerce page.
  • Some user warning indicators (highlighting an error) had been returning a “403” page. This has been improved to better inform the user of the issue their action may be causing.
    • This helps to enhance the user experience and reduce downtime while working within some forms (such as invoices).
  • Within the Timesheets functionality, the generated report had caused incorrect information to be displayed. This bug has been fixed.
  • Under the ‘Finance-Configuration’, creating Fiscal periods is now more efficient.
    • Previously, users had to create monthly or quarterly periods manually.
    • Now, two buttons provide a convenient option for automatically generating these reports.
  • Forms, lists, and buttons have been enhanced and improved across the entire Workspace, improving not just visual appeal, but also their performance.
  • Product attributes can be set within the Products>Variants forms.
    • This improves workflows by allowing users to create one product template and then adding attribute sets to Product Variants, such as colors, sizes, etc.
  • Under the Administration section, managing group access rights is now streamlined.
    • This improves workflow by allowing administrators to set access rights for users group.
  • The search and filtering process has been improved across the platform.


User Portal

  • When inviting someone to your company and you assign them specific roles (Admin, HR, etc.), the appropriate role will be properly shown in the Team list  in the list of sent Invitations.
    • If you need to change the role for your team members, simply go to the Company Team tab and define them there.



  • Recently some semilimes users could not access Messenger for a brief period of time.
    • This has been fixed and Messenger is fully functional for everyone.
  • When creating spaces within a message (using ‘Enter’), the space was not transferring to the chat window. This bug has been corrected.
  • Exiting a full-screen call now allows the sidebar menu list to reappear after the call is completed, which is an improvement to the performance of the app.

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