semilimes Updates Announcements – 29.03.2019

As semilimes continues to grow, improve its platform, and create more polished tools for our dedicated clients, we’ll announce important updates to keep you all informed and as always, thank you for making semilimes an integral part of your business success:


  • Address autocomplete now functional. Throughout the Workspace, whenever a client is entering an address (for an individual or business), the autocomplete feature can be utilized. Google’s database of global addresses helps to provide the most reasonable options based on initial information entered, providing faster entry of address data.
  • Utilizing date ranges when searching for information (forms, invoices, etc.) has been updated so results will automatically refresh if/when the selected date ranges are deleted or otherwise removed. For example, if searching for specific invoices between 01.01.2019 to 02.01.2019, the generated results are specific to onlythose dates, but when the date parameters are removed, the list auto-repopulates and will now show all invoices.



  • When entering a new message in Messenger, typing ‘enter’ automatically scrolls the feed down. Previously, newly sent messages could not be seen until/unless the user manually scrolled the screen down. This update only refers to messages sent.
  • If a client has Messenger open in two or more devices, the ring from an incoming call will now terminate when that call is answered on at least one of the devices.
  • Deleting a channel the client had initially setup had caused a screen crash and this bug has been fixed.
  • Some users may have found Messenger to be out of service for 2 minutes on Monday, 25.03.2019. Only Messenger was affected by this service interruption and semilimes has implemented all necessary measures to avoid a repeat interruption. One measure we’ve implemented was setting stricture rules on IT health monitoring systems.


User Portal 

  • Clients sending company invites to specific clients had - on certain occasions - resulted in the subsequent screen failing to load appropriate information. This bug has been fixed so upon sending an invitation, clients will see appropriate information/previous screen.
  • The option to utilize the ‘New Email Chat’ feature through Messenger had previously caused problems for the email recipient using a account to sign up for semilimes, and this issue has now been resolved (email recipients with a address are now able to setup a new semilimes account without issue).
  • A similar issue had been encountered for clients using Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, and those issues have also been resolved (clients utilizing Facebook or LinkedIn accounts will not encounter problems setting up a new semilimes account).
  • Users who invite other team members now have the option to cancel sent invites before they are accepted. This added convenience allows clients more flexibility and control when building their team.
  • It is now possible to manage invitations you receive by a variety of sorting matrices, including most recent first, oldest first, ascending and descending order.
  • Clients using the Firefox browser may have experienced crashed/frozen/blank screens when accessing their invites, and this problem has been resolved.

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