semilimes Updates Announcements – 25.03.2019

semilimes is dedicated to delivering an exceptional business software for its users. The following updates have been made to improve functionality and provide better options:


  • Messenger now provides an option for users to see a list of all scheduled events. This is a highly requested update making it easier for users to manage their schedules and maintain consistency with team members. Users can also quickly go to the channel where the event was scheduled to provide updates to key team members.


  • Users now have the option to remove members from channels and chats over which they maintain control. To do this, next to the call/video call buttons at the top of the chat window, click on the three vertical dots, choose ‘Members,’ and select which individuals to remove.


User Portal

  • Email notifications when an individual is invited to the user portal now offer a more visually appealing layout. These notifications had previously been made using text only, but now they contain visual graphics that enhance appeal and function.
  • The invitation system on the semilimes platform has been altered to protect the platform and users. The number of invites a registered user can send out for the platform will be limited to 5 per day starting on Monday, March 25, 2019. The number of invitations to a specific company remains unchanged, so this update only affects invitations to the semilimes platform itself.
  • Admin features are now automatically set to having “all access rights” when an account is established. Previously, admin roles needed to be setup manually, but now ‘Admin’ personnel have full access upon setup.

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