semilimes Updates Announcements – 23.04.2019

This past week, a number of exciting changes have been made to the semilimes experience. Below is a breakdown of the key improvements we made:


  • The directory is now officially live! semilimes Directory is a global business listing for companies and professionals.
    • Find customers and suppliers.
    • Search business listing by company, location, industry and rating.
    • Search and hire talents.
    • Find a job.
    • Build your professional network.
    • Get connected. Get noticed.
    • Search professional profiles by geography, skills and ratings.
  • The directory is available for access/search via external search engines like google, yahoo and more. This means that company and professional profiles set for public view will be displayed in search engines. Great news if you need extra backlink for SEO company promotion.
    • Users (individual and company) can set up privacy settings for the directory. Public profile settings (rather than private) provide greater exposure to a global search engine.
    • Company profiles can now be viewed by non-users (or not signed into the platform) without issue.
  • Hyperlinks from a company’s profile page are now functioning properly.
    • Users and non-users who click on a company’s website link are properly directed to the website without error.
  • semilimes users who are connected to one another through the platform can now provide endorsements for skills they possess.
    • Through their profile, a simple click helps to highlight their skills.
    • Other users and those searching the directory will be able to see that their highlighted skills have been ‘endorsed’ by other semilimes users.
    • This is a powerful asset in promoting one’s reputation and skills through the platform.
    • To set up skills, go to your personal profile page and add skills that match your specific skillset.
    • You need to be connected with the user whom you wish to endorse.
    • Users can also enquire and request other users with whom they’ve worked to endorse them.
  • While in the Directory, the message indicator icon in the upper menu are now highlighted and include the actual number of messages waiting.
  • When you setup your phone number in your profile, you can now verify the number.
    • Based on privacy settings, the number can be hidden or made public.
    • Verifying your phone number adds credibility when searching for work or providers on the marketplace.
    • Go to your personal profile settings to adjust the privacy settings. By default, all profiles are set to private so the user would need to make their number public if they choose.



  • The entire platform has been upgraded, including speed of loading forms, button selection, and the overall performance has been enhanced.



  • When another semilimes user with whom you’re connected through Messenger is typing, a notification will display on the left column indicating they are currently typing.
  • Switching to full-screen video feed will now cover the full width of the screen. Previously, it was limited to the message window.
  • Emojis have been updated and improved, helping to add character and flavor and enhance communication options.
  • If users experience lost Internet connection while sending a message, they can attempt to resend successfully once they regain connection.

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