semilimes Updates Announcements – 19.04.2019

It’s an exciting time at semilimes as we continue to respond to our dedicated clients’ needs. Below are some of the updates we’ve made and improvements to our already game-changing platform:


  • It’s now possible to archive a chat. Users can hide (archive) old or unused chats or channels. To archive a chat, select the chat and then click on the three vertical buttons at the top menu and ‘Archive Chat.’
  • Entering a video or audio call automatically changes the users’ availability to ‘Busy,’ but wasn’t adjusting it again once the call was completed. This has been corrected and users’ availability will return to their previous settings.
  • Users can now receive notifications in their Messenger chat. Event notifications delivered via the User Portal can now be relayed to the user’s Messenger chat.
  • It’s also possible for users to have a summary of unread messages from Messenger sent to their email either hourly or daily. Previously, this personal profile setting was disabled by default, but will now be initially set to ‘daily.’


User Portal

  • When inviting someone to your company on the semilimes platform, the usability of the invitation options has been improved with a more consistent dropdown menu option for both ‘Invite roles’ and ‘User’ options.
  • The ‘Preview’ option for personal and company profiles had been returning a ‘404’ error page, but has since been corrected and now the preview is working properly.
  • Privacy settings for the personal profile have been corrected to allow users the option to set their personal information as public, private, or just for the semilimes Directory.
  • In the user’s profile, some minor bugs caused occupation, education, and other information to be listed out of sequence. Sorting has been adjusted to now list them from most recent to oldest. Another adjustment for these personal information listings is the date.
  • It’s now possible to add social network buttons in a user’s personal settings. Previously, this was limited but has now been expanded to provide this option for a user’s private profile account.
  • When deleting a company created on the semilimes platform, the associated channels in Messenger will now also be automatically deleted. Previously, these channels remained in the Channel list.
  • When new users sign up to the semilimes platform, they are now automatically added to the ‘semilimes-news’ channel where announcements, bug fixes, and other important updates are made.


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