semilimes Updates Announcements – 16.05.2019

Below is a list of some of the exciting improvements semilimes has made during the past few weeks. Thank you for your continued support of these powerful cloud-based tools.

Onboarding - User Portal

  • Users who begin the company configuration process and pause will be able to return and complete setting up their company at a later date.
    • Users who initiated a new company configuration on semilimes prior to April and then stopped before completing the process may have found it was no longer available.
    • Users would still see the company listed, but can’t access it. There is a ‘Delete’ option now to improve flow and allow users to start fresh.
  • During the configuration process, a step-counter now displays users’ progress.
    • Users will know how far they have to go to complete the configuration of a new company on the semilimes platform.
  • A ‘Skip’ button has been included on certain, non-required pages of the configuration process.
    • Users can skip and add information later for some of these pages if they prefer.
  • We are currently improving the onboarding process and changes are being rolled out over the next few weeks.
    • Users who began or completed the onboarding process previously are encouraged to check out these improvements as some (such as profile formatting) may offer a better layout in the directory and elsewhere.
      • These improvements apply to both private and company profiles.
      • They allow for a better profile layout and view.


  • The ‘Reset to Bill of Materials (BOM)’ button has been corrected to return proper results in the production process.
  • Some required fields (such as the creation of a fixed asset) had previously not permitted data entry, which could prevent adding assets or other necessary data.
    • It was not possible to save these entries.
    • This problem has been corrected.
  • The production calendar is working properly now.
  • During invoicing, the upload button has been improved so attachments can be added and/removed as needed.
  • It is now possible to duplicate the posted customer and supplier invoices, which will create a new invoice in the ‘draft’ state.


  •  Incoming calls will now create a call window to alert you of the inbound call.
  • Full screen mode for sharing screens has been extended.
    • It now extends to the full window view.
  • You personal video feed in a group call has been more conveniently located.


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