semilimes Updates Announcements – 14.05.2019

semilimes is proud to announce the return of the Marketplace, a feature that provides a hiring and freelancing opportunity for individual users and companies.


  • The semilimes’ Marketplace is back live for all semilimes users in ‘beta’ mode.
  • semilimes registered users can access the Marketplace to find freelancers or seek out job opportunities.
    • It can be accessed through the product navigation menu upon sign-in or via
    • Without signing in, only the jobs list is available to view, but users must be signed in to bid on jobs or award contracts.
  • The Marketplace can be accessed as:
    • A company
    • A company team member
    • Freelancer
  • When you hire (or are hired) through the Marketplace, you enter into a contract.
    • semilimes allows companies and freelancers the ability to manage their contracts for fixed price or recurring work as well as short-term and long-term needs.
  • semilimes’ Marketplace:
    • Allows for projects to be funded to help protect freelancers (escrow protection)
    • Offers dispute assistance if problems arise during contract work.

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