semilimes Updates Announcements – 05.04.2019

semilimes strives to become the leading workspace solution for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. As such, we grow and adjust, listening to our clients’ needs. Below are some updates that have been completed to help polish this already solid platform:



  • Support chat has been improved by making it easier for clients to open a new support chat, even if they had previously used it. In the past, some users may have had a difficult time seeking new support through the chat feature after closing a previous discussion. This inconvenience has been fixed.
  • Users relying on the mobile Messenger option (through the website browser) may have noticed the navigation menu not be accessible. This minor issue has been resolved. Optimization has also been improved for Messenger through the browser on mobile devices.
  • When a call is missed, more information will provided in the Messenger, most specifically who had initiated the call, making it easier to keep up with team members and clients.


User Portal

  • A powerful component that is being reintroduced is the ability to create a DEMO COMPANY. This benefit had been unavailable for a time, but is being reintroduced. This allows semilimes users to test what we have to offer before configuring their business setup. The DEMO COMPANY can also allow users to see a sample of what their website could look like on the semilimes platform.
  • Notifications can now be reviewed in a separate window/page. When users receive notifications through semilimes, with a separate window, this provides a more manageable way to read, delete, or save notifications received.
  • In Custom Settings, users have the ability to apply a custom domain. Some users had reported an error with the pop-up window that has been corrected. This benefit is now fully functional.


Web Builder

  • SEO improvements are being made for the web builder. On each web page there exists information critical for search engine ranking and listing. Users building web pages on semilimes are encouraged to take advantage of the page title and Meta descriptions. They can also take advantage of Meta images, which are powerful assets for sharing pages across social media platforms. It’s also possible to hide the page from search engines (which may be helpful for private pages).

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