semilimes Messenger Updates Announcements

The semilimes team has been diligent in listening to user comments and concerns regarding the powerful Messenger app and the following updates have been made to improve functionality and performance:

  • The Messenger app will now automatically refresh when the computer/device wakes up from sleep mode. New messages will automatically appear; the user will no longer be required to manually refresh the page.
  • Users who setup channels and/or specific chats now have the option of ‘removing’ another person from the chat. The option can be found in the ‘More Tools’ icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper-right portion of the chat window. Select ‘Members’ and remove a member as needed.
  • Messenger will now be synched in real-time across multiple platforms (when open and used on more than one device at a time). Messages sent and/or received will automatically appear on all open platforms at almost the same time.
  • System notification for incoming calls or messages is now an option for users with their operating system. Never miss a call on the semilimes Messenger again!

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