Sales agents and sales commission plans management

We have already reviewed how to set commissions and plans in previous articles. Now we will review how to add agents and assign commission plans to sales employees.

To get to the “Agents” section, find the Commission menu first, then click on the “Agents” section.

Click on the plus (+) button to add a new record:

Enter or select the employee/agent’s name in the Party field.

If you have not set up this employee yet, you may create a new one by clicking the plus (+) button from the right side of the field:

Once you have the Party (agent/employee) for which you want to manage the commission, you may select the Commission Plan that should be assigned to this agent.

This particular agent will be associated with the commission plan assigned. You can have one commission plan per agent/employee and you can also have more commission plans assigned to the same agent. To make the distinction easier, it will be convenient to name the commission plan the proper way, e.g. Tie Department front line commission plan, Tie Dept. Supervisor commission plan, etc.

You may also specify the Company that this agent/employee is part of. The agent can be part of your company, a third party Broker, or an employee of your supplier or customer.

The last field to be filled in is “Waiting Account”, which allows you to generate an account move for each commission between the expense/revenue account to a waiting account defined on the agent.

Once the commission invoice is posted, the waiting account is cleared with the payable/receivable account of the invoice.

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