Product Price Lists and how to use them in semilimes ERP

Through the product Price List feature in semilimes’ ERP, you can adjust the price levels for your products. Aside from the product List Price, you can apply different price levels for various purposes. This is valid for all the products your company sells.

Where can Product Price Lists be used?

Scenario #1. Let’s say you want to have different pricing based on the geographic location of your customers, where shipping costs are higher than in other locations. Therefore, you will need to apply a higher price (to compensate for the increased shipping costs). This can be done through the List Price feature for such customers. You can create a separate category for specific geographic locations in order to use the designated price for the customers from that location.

Scenario #2. You have a discount running for certain products in your store and it’s time sensitive. Price Lists allow you to specify from which day the discount price should be applied and when it is set to end.

Scenario #3. You have a discount that is applicable fo  a specified quantity purchased, or perhaps for a “buy one get one free”, or “buy two get another one at 50% discount” offer, etc.

Scenario #4. You want to apply a specific price discount for an entire category of products, rather than just for a single product. That is also something that the Price Lists can accommodate.

These are some of the examples where the Price List can help you set a specific price level for your products or category of products.

When you open the Product menu in the semilimes ERP, Price Lists will be available in the list on the left-hand side of the menu.

To create a new one, click on the icon highlighted below:

Define the name of your product Price List.

The Tax-included trigger, lets you decide whether you want the discount/ increase to be applied to the entire price, including taxes, or only to the price itself, excluding taxes. Based on the option you choose and move the trigger, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The tax-included trigger may be used along with price discount/increase, or by itself. Therefore, regardless whether you have a price list or not, you may use this trigger to adjust your tax preference for your product prices.

Some examples of how you can name the price-lists could be:

-       Italy GE Toasters 14.99EUR

-       State of Georgia shipping 9.99USD

-       KitKat Long chocolate Buy1Get1Free

-       Pants Size 32 50%off 6/1-6/30

Choose a representative name for your product Price List so that when you need to select a proper Price List out of the available set of lists, you can find it easily and understand how this Price List should be applied.

For example, if you have a wide assortment of products, e.g. KitKat mini, KitKat long, KitKat milk chocolate, etc. and the discount is only applicable to 1 type of product, it will be easier find an appropriate Price List by name.

The Price List Lines section allows to set up the pricing rules for a specific product.

The Formula field is designated for your cost variable. It is defined as unit price, which is basically just a variable that you can assign either a fixed number or any other multiplication. For example, let’s say you want to start a 15% discount for a certain product. Then you would use the following formula: unit_price*0.85 - 15% discount on product list price

Multiple lines per Price List allow you to use it for multiple products from different categories or just for multiple categories.

Once you’ve set up the price-lists, you can go ahead and start using it. You can start either by accessing the Product Variant or product Category, to which the pricing rule from the Price List will be applied. If Category - then the pricing rule will be applied to all products in the Category.

Price Lists in semilimes’ ERP are applied in the Sale document, therefore a company can see how Price Lists change the Sale Price of the Product Variant only if the company runs the full -scope sale process (e.g. Sale > Customer Invoice > Shipment). The Price List Price will be applied for the Product Variant in the Sale document only once Sale is in the “Confirmed” State

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