Managing Purchasing with Automated Tools

Managing Purchasing with Automated Tools

One of the many powerful assets companies enjoy by using semilimes is their ability to improve the oversight of inventory and supply chains. The larger a company, the more departments it has operating within its system, the more complicated purchasing can become.

With semilimes sales and purchasing software, the process of managing supplies, requesting quotes from suppliers, and even direct purchasing of various products is simplified and can be automated.


Maintaining Proper Inventory

An essential component of success for any company - whether it manufactures its own products, delivers services, or is a reseller - is maintaining inventory at optimal levels. ‘Inventory’ isn’t merely products a business sells direct to consumers, but can include parts used in the production of other items.

By automating purchasing processes, it becomes possible to streamline the process and reduce errors (whether this relates to overordering and having too many supplies or products on hand or running out).

Purchase requests (or requisitions) can be initiated from any department. By establishing a purchase requisition, quotation requests can then be sent to various suppliers already in the automated system (and suppliers can be added at any time). This provides the most effective way to receive a variety of quotes and choose the one that offers the best profit margin and delivery timeline.


Purchase Requests

When a purchase request is submitted, the employee initiating the request can set the number of units required, date it’s needed, and other vital components. Then a quotation request can be submitted, being sent out to pre-determined suppliers.

Once a quote or series of quotes is received, a purchase request can be made, thus choosing the supplier who will deliver the necessary products, parts, or other components.



Invoice management for purchase requests can also be automated. They can be set for each purchase request based on several factors: manually (creating the invoice at a later time), based on order, or based on shipment.


Direct Purchases

Purchase requests are one option when using sales and purchasing software available at semilimes. Another option involves direct purchasing.

When the information (quote rates and other details) are already available from select suppliers, the purchasing manager can simply order products or supplies as needed from specific suppliers.

Direct purchasing can certainly offer its benefits in specific situations and circumstances, but automating the process is more powerful and efficient when interdepartmental ordering is essential.


Interdepartmental Flows

With many departments often involved in the purchasing processes of a company (for example, inventory, finance, production, etc.), maintaining a proper flow of supplies and products requires more oversight without automation.

By utilizing the powerful, fully automated purchasing software available at semilimes, though, managing inventory, supplies, and finances becomes streamlined, offering a powerful cost-saving option that also improves flow, efficiency, and oversight.


Change the Game

No matter the industry or niche, small to mid-sized businesses benefit from every key advantage they can gain. Competition is fierce and the difference between success and failure often lies in the business software used.

semilimes offers powerful sales and purchasing software that provide a key advantage when used to their fullest capacity, improving efficiency, accuracy, and functionality within all purchasing needs.

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