Managing different product pricing to different customers

Are you looking for a solution to apply different product pricing to different customers? If yes, then semilimes offers the feature to allocate different pricing of the same product to different customers. For doing so, you will need to create price list of the products for which the price will be different. From the product menu click on Price Lists. Then click on the ‘+’ button to create a new price list.

Enter the name of the price list. If the ‘Tax-included’ slider is switched on then the discount/increase will be applied to the entire price including taxes. Otherwise they will be applied only to the actual price. Afterwards you need to input line information for the price list as below -


  • Enter the sequence of the line of the price list
  • Select the starting date from when the discounted/increased price of the product will be effective.
  • Select the effective end date of the discounted/increased price of the product.
  • Choose a product category from the list 
  • Choose a product from the list on which the discounted/increased price will be applied.
  • Enter for how many quantities the price list will be effective. For example: if you set quantity 3 then the increased or decreased price will become effective when the sales quantity is more than or equal to 3.
  • Enter the formula. You can apply either increase or decrease of the price by using this field. For example: if you want to impose extra 10% on the actual price then the formula will be unit price * 1.1.

Once you are done with creating the price list, you need to allocate that price list to the target customers. From the menu ‘Party’ click on the Parties. Then it will show the parties in the list. Click on the party for which you want to set the price list.


Go to ‘SALE’ tab and select the desired price list in the ‘Sale Price List’ field. Then click the ‘save’ icon. Now, the price list will be effective for the customer.

Alternatively you can apply a price list directly in a sales without allocating it to a customer.

In the sales screen there is a ‘Price list’ field from where you can select a price list for the sales (Please check the above screenshot).

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