Managing Complaints with Sales and Purchasing Software

Customer relations is a fundamental key to success for any business, regardless of size. Even the largest international companies can eventually fail if they don’t address customer complaints in a timely and reasonable manner. The busier a company is, the more sales it generates, the easier it can be for complaints to ‘slip through the cracks.’

Sales software for managing complaints - either from customers, suppliers, partners, or anyone else having business with the company- is a streamlined approach that can directly impact reputation and (over time) the bottom line.


Common Struggles in Managing Complaints

One of the most common issues small to mid-sized companies face when in pertains to customer relationships is finding the time to address complaints. By utilizing sales and purchasing software like the ones provided by semilimes, the entire complaint management process is made more efficient and (perhaps more importantly) accurate.


Logging Complaints

The semilimes Workspace allows for companies to enter in specific complaints, logging them into the system as they are reported. A simple entry form makes it efficient to register a complaint on behalf of the affected party.

The complaint could be made as a part of the sales process, after the sale, regarding invoicing, price, customer service, the product, or a host of other issues. Once logged into the system, the correct person would be notified directly to address the problem at hand.


A New Way of Managing Complaints

In the past or through traditional methods, complaints have been generally handled manually. This might involve passing a customer to a phone representative and, if the issue is not resolved to their satisfaction, it could be escalated.

Automated sales systems provide accountability to ensure that even if the customer’s issue is not resolved immediately, there will be follow-up to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Using semilimes’ sales software to manage complaints, the recorded complaint will remain open and active until it is formally closed, helping to ensure every issue is managed and provides the company the best chance of earning a positive reputation.


Integrated Throughout the Sales and Management Team

A powerful asset of semilimes sales and purchasing software when it comes to complaints is that the entire automated system is integrated throughout all team members. A complaint can be issued against a team member, assigned to specific team members or management to address directly, and thus follow-up is improved.


Creating Multiple Complaint ‘Types’

Another benefit to an automated sales system like semilimes is that a number of different ‘types’ of complaints can be registered, depending on the issue logged against the company.

By being able to create various ‘types,’ a company can determine the best way to log these issues, label them, and organize the flow.


Improving Relations One Complaint at a Time

One overlooked complaint can devastate small to mid-sized companies. Larger organizations have significant, automated sales systems to help them manage complaints and improve their reputation.

semilimes’ sales and purchasing software level the playing field. Businesses of any size can now enjoy the same benefits and compete at a higher level while improving their reputation among their target market.

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