Localization for Switzerland

semilimes ERP can be conveniently configured and used by companies in a large variety of different jurisdictions and industries. In addition to the US and Canada, we have just added Switzerland to the standard configuration process in the ERP and Website configurator. This makes the ERP configuration and launch process for Switzerland based companies super easy and hassle free.

Accounting localization

General ledger chart of accounts is pre-configured and launched in the EPR, specific for the legal type of your company in accordance to the Swiss accounting principles. The structure of financial statements now follows the accounting and reporting recommendations of Swiss GAAP FER

The ERP tax settings provide the functionality for the Swiss VAT (MWST) accounting and reporting. semilimes includes all active VAT rates and tax codes to allocate the transaction to the proper line in VAT return. Tax analytics allows semilimes users to obtain the inputs for the periodic VAT reports, prepared under the balance tax rate or net tax rate schemes. 


How to launch the Swiss localization?

Select Switzerland in the Country field in the Company creation form and select the Legal type of your business. 


The Swiss accounting localization will be set up during the ERP configuration process. All you need to do further is to answer in ERP questionnaire if Swiss VAT should be configured. 


What to expect further?

semilimes is moving full speed ahead with the further localization of ERP features for additional countries. Stay tuned!


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