Localization for semilimes Finance & Accounting software

Every country has its own accounting standards and policies. For example, accounting requirements and tax policy in India are different from those in New Zealand. And, so is the financial reporting structure like a Balance Sheet that differs from country to country. Localization means that the bookkeeping software solution is already aligned to meet regulatory company’s accounting and tax requirements for a specific country.

semilimes Finance & Accounting software offers country localization for the businesses operating in the following countries: USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India. Users from these countries can launch a chart of accounts and indirect tax settings during the Workspace configuration process “out of the box”, depending on the legal type of business they select.

Businesses from other countries - for which semilimes does not yet support localization - still can use semilimes. The users just have to manually adjust the generic chart of accounts, financial statements’ structure and tax settings after the configuration process.

The semilimes team is working hard to expand the accounting and tax localization for other countries. In the next few months, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will be the next countries enjoying localization features on semilimes. 

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