How to create and publish a job on semilimes’ Marketplace


How to create and publish a job on semilimes’ Marketplace

When you have a project that needs to get done, then semilimes Marketplace is the place for you. You can access a pool of talented freelancers or set up job contracts for your remote team members in the semililmes Marketplace. Simply create and publish a Job Post on the marketplace so freelancers or team members can see and apply to the job.


Is the person posting the job a company owner?

The user who will create a Job Post on the semilimes Marketplace must have owner access rights in the semilimes Company. To check whether the user is listed as the ‘owner’ of your company, open the navigation from the top right corner in the user portal and then click on ‘Company Team’.

Please go to the ‘TEAM’ tab where you will see the list of the team members in your semilimes Company.

Press the ‘Manage’ button to check the settings for the user.

Make sure ‘Is owner’ is enabled for the user to create and post a job on the semilimes platform.


How to create a job?

Click on the ‘Marketplace’ from the product switcher in semilimes’ User Portal.  

Now, from the ‘JOB FEED’ tab click on the ‘+’ icon as shown below to start creating a Job Post.

Once you click on the ‘+’ icon, it will open the job creation window.

  1. Click on the edit icon to select a category for the Job Post. Once you click on the edit icon, a pop-up window will appear where you can see different categories and related sub-categories of a Job Post. Please select a category and sub-category for your Job Post.

  1. Enter the title of the Job Post which will be the heading of your post. For example – ‘Python developer needed’.

  2. Enter the description of the Job Post which will need to be a minimum of 80 characters.

  3. Enter your estimated budget for the Job Post.

  4. You can select the nature of the job, whether it is based per project, week, or month.

  1. Select the experience level you want the freelancer to possess for this assignment.


  1. Search different skills that are needed to successfully complete the assignment. The search field can show you some skill suggestions based on your text input.

  2. Press the ‘Create’ button. Once the button is pressed the Job Post will be created as a draft. It will not be published on the semilimes Marketplace until you put it to the “Available” status.


How to publish a job on semilimes Marketplace?

Once a Job Post is created, it will not be published instantly on semilimes’ Marketplace. You need to make it ‘Available’. To do so, please go to the ‘Job Posts’ section of your company tab. You will see all Job Posts that are waiting to be published in a ‘DRAFT’ state.

Click on the Job Post you want to publish.

  1. You can modify the Job Post by clicking on the edit icon

  2. Press the ‘Make Available’ button. The Job Post will be shown immediately on the job feed section on semilimes’ Marketplace.

In this way, you can create and publish a Job Post on the semilimes Marketplace and start accepting applications from freelancers. The next article will disclose how to hire a freelancer and get the job Contract initiated.

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