How to configure web portal manually with semilimes Workspace


You can create your own web portal or full-fledged e-commerce shop by using semilimes web builder. There are two ways to build a web portal on semilimes platform:

1. set up web portal during the company configuration process with semilimes configuration questionnaire 

2. launch the web portal manually by installing related modules in the company Workspace. This method is used for the existing companies, when the configuration process had been already finished.  

This article describes how to construct a web portal manually.

First, you need to check whether you have proper user access rights, which allow you to install the required modules in company Workspace and to configure web portal. Then, you need to install web portal related modules from your Workspace and launch your web portal.


Check whether you have admin user access rights

You need to check whether the user, who will configure the web portal, has  been assigned with Admin role. To check whether the user has an Admin role, please open the ‘Company Team’ in User Portal . You will see all existing members of your company team. Click on the ‘Manage’ button to check the roles for a user who will configure the web portal.


In the pop-up window (as per below), please activate the ‘Admin’ role for the user.


Check whether the Admin role has web portal administration rights

In the User Portal, please go to the  company ‘Settings’ tab.


Now, please go to the ‘Roles’ section which will show different access privileges available for different roles. Select the drop-down of ‘Admin’ role and make sure 'Webportal Administrator' is enabled.


Install the related modules for web portal configuration

To activate the web portal functionality for your company, some additional modules need to be installed. From the Administration menu click on ‘Modules’ and then sub-menu ‘Modules’ again.

A list of all available modules will be displayed. You can search modules by entering texts on the search box. Enter ‘web’ to search web portal specific modules.

Please select the following modules for activation by clicking on ‘MARK FOR ACTIVATION’ –

  • Webportal_blog

  • Webportal_forum

  • Web_user

  • Webportal_engage

  • Announcement_bar

  • Subscribe_to_newsletter

Then click on ‘Perform Pending Activation/Upgrade’ in the Modules sub-menu.

A pop-up window (as per below) will be displayed when you click on ‘Perform Pending Activation/Upgrade’. Now, click on ‘Start Upgrade’ to install the selected modules.


Run the web portal creation wizard

The ‘Webportal’ menu should now be visible in your workspace after completing installation of the modules. Select ‘configuration’ sub-menu and then click on ‘Create Website Helper’.

This will open a wizard for configuring your web portal. The wizard will ask you to select a theme for your web portal.

Once you select a theme and click on the next then it will show you a message as your web portal is successfully configured. This way you can configure your web portal even if you missed to configure it through the configuration questionnaire during the company configuration process.


How to access the web portal

You can access your web portal in the following two ways. The first option is to access it from the dashboard.

Or you can access it from the product switcher menu

In this way, you can configure and access your web portal. In the subsequent articles we shall disclose how to configure an e-commerce shop manually on semilimes platform.




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