Company update: The New semilimes Workspace

High quality adjustments have been made to semilimes. As you’ve discovered, semilimes is a powerful tool ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. It allows you to manage all business activities in one space. 

Last week we introduced some key improvements as part of our transformation journey. The changes included:

  • A new appearance and design
  • A new classification for the core workspace
  • Simpler navigation options
  • Payment plans for new users
  • Added financial features
  • Faster company setup
  • Simplified onboarding flow

User-friendly Design
With a new color palette and layout design across the platform, semilimes is adjusting its brand. Between the new Workspace (see below) and Messenger, users will notice a professional, sleek look to semilimes. In the upcoming weeks , semilimes will complete the branding across all channels - the website, the platform, social media and apps. 

Welcome to the ‘New’ Workspace
In the past, we called it ‘ERP.’ Now, it’s known as the Workspace.The name change reflects the semilimes idea of being a central hub for business and its undergoing transformation of the tools we offer.  

Simplified Navigation
semilimes now makes it easier to navigate throughout the platform, within companies, and shifting between your Workspace, Messenger, and Website portals. 

Through your user profile, you can now quickly switch between different companies you’ve set up in semilimes. Monitor and track your personal finance settings and options, organize payments, and check on your company’s transactions, payment methods, and even payout requests.

By streamlining our navigation menu options, we’ve put more control in your hands, making it easier to manage functionality.

Payment plans
semilimes rolled out a new payment structure on February 1, 2o19. The Workspace you love is still free for 1 person, but you can add team members based on monthly or annual paid plans.

Keep in mind, if you signed up on semilimes before February 1, 2019, the entire space remains free for life.

Financial Features
Using our simplified and enhanced universal navigation setup, we’ve streamlined the process by which you can manage personal and company financial information, payment options, transactions, and more.

Onboarding flow  
If you’ve been part of the semilimes family for a few months, you understand setting up a company required numerous steps and many questions. 

It’s now faster and easier to establish a new company on semilimes.

We’ve reduced the number of questions to a fraction of what had originally been required and the design of the steps has been made user-friendly.

Simple Setting Up 
While semilimes provided users the option of setting up 5 ‘ERPs’ as a means of determining the best structure and layout, only one was available to go ‘active’, or ‘live’. With our new onboarding flow and setup, each company enjoys one ‘Workspace.’

This enhanced feature simplifies the setup process for new companies.

Each account still has the option to set up unlimited companies and each company will have one dedicated Workspace.

Get On Board
semilimes is growing and as we do, we’re listening to the feedback our clients provide. If you have ideas how to make it better, drop us a line in messenger or email to We would love your feedback.

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