Choosing a Theme for your Web Portal


The web portal theme defines the overall look and feel of your web site. This includes effects like color scheme, layout and style elements. The theme can be adjusted and tailored to your requirements. The web portal theme directly impacts on user experience. If you are concerned about designing your web portal, semilimes offers you a collection of built-in themes that you can apply on your web portal.

There are six different themes offered by semilimes web builder -


  1. Black Bird – The ‘Black Bird’ theme is suitable and perfect for any personal or business website. It comes with a responsive layout which means it is adaptive to any screen resolution from small mobile phones to wide desktop screens.



  1. Finway –The ‘Finway’ theme is best suited for any financial website but you can use it for any other websites as well. It also offers a responsive design with web and mobile devices compatibility.



  1. Sana - When you install and publish the ‘Sana’ theme, your web portal will be displayed as below. This theme will be perfect if you are running a fashion or style – related business. Of course this theme also comes with a responsive design.




  1. Nexus –Nexus is a flat responsive theme with an elegant look. This theme can be used for a personal or small business web portal.




  1. Tivoli Hotel – If you are running a business on hotel and leisure industry, then you can choose ‘Tovoli Hotel’ theme. It comes also with a responsive design layout.  


  1. Blank Theme – The last available theme is called ‘Blank Theme’. Applying this theme will not affect your web portal. So, it gives you freedom to tailor your content and web page layout to your needs.


You can easily install and apply one of those six themes to your web portal. Most importantly, you can switch between the themes at any time.

We are continuously working on building new themes and you will see more of them coming in the near future for excelling your web portal.

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