Adding bank and bank account for your company

If you haven’t set up your bank during the configuration process, you may do so, once you’ve already created your company on the semilimes Platform.

To get to the banking section, please open the menu and find “Banking” Module on your left side.

Then go to “Banks”:

If you have added a bank during the configuration process, you might already have a bank listed in this section.

To add a new bank, just click on the plus button from the upper right side:

If you have not set up a bank during the configuration, then click the plus button to add one.


You will need to enter the Bank Name into the “Party” field, then add the BIC number, which is also a SWIFT number.

If you haven’t set the bank name as a party before, you will be getting this message:

Otherwise, click on the plus button from right side of the “Party” filed:

For a quick set up, it will be enough to enter the “Name” of the bank in your new Party record:

Otherwise, you may enter more useful information such as: address, contact mechanisms, categories, etc. But you can always add this, at any time or whenever the information is available to you.

The numbers under BIC field, determine the length of the number that you have input.

As you can see the maximum length of the BIC number is 11. You might have a shorter number, but cannot exceed the 11 characters.

BIC number may consist of numbers as well as a combination of numbers and alphabetic characters.

Once done inputting the bank information, click on the save button:

As soon as the bank is added, it will be listed as shown below.


You may add another bank if you’d like, by following the same process described below.

Additionally, there are a few more options available in the upper right menu.

 - batch duplicate one or more records (banks)

 - batch delete one or more  records

 - export the banks’ information into an excel sheet.

 - import banks’ information through an excel sheet, prepared according to the appropriate format (as per below)

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