How to build your own website: A primer

A website should make a strong first impression. It’s often the first time any potential client or customer will see your company. It better shine.

However, you don’t know where to start. You have an idea of how you want your website to look, but you can’t execute your plans because you don’t know how. You need to clearly define your website’s goal...

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semilimes Updates Announcements – 05.04.2019

semilimes strives to become the leading workspace solution for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. As such, we grow and adjust, listening to our clients’ needs. Here are some updates that have been completed to help polish this already solid platform.

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semilimes Updates Announcements – 29.03.2019

As semilimes continues to grow, improve its platform, and create more polished tools for our dedicated clients, we’ll announce important updates to keep you all informed and as always, thank you for making semilimes an integral part of your business success.

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What should you consider when getting an accounting system?

Depending on the needs of your business, there are several considerations when choosing an accounting system software. It is important to consider these criteria in order to get the best fit, not only for your budget, but also for the key accounting system features your company needs.

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semilimes Updates Announcements – 25.03.2019

semilimes is dedicated to delivering an exceptional business software for its users. Several updates have been made to improve functionality and provide better options both on semilimes messenger and our user portal.

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Managing Sales with Automated Tools

The traditional method of managing sales has relied almost exclusively on manual data entry, receipt tracking, and overriding sale prices for discounts. This has not only been time consuming, it also leads to an ever-increasing risk of errors, mis-tagged items, and frustration for both employees and consumers.

Automated sales tools provide the opportunity for business owners and managers to step out from under the ever-growing mountain of paperwork, tracking, and hours dedicated solely to the task of managing sales.

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semilimes Messenger Updates Announcements

The semilimes team has been diligent in listening to user comments and concerns regarding the powerful Messenger app and the following updates have been made to improve functionality and performance...

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What is accounting software for small business?

Business owners don’t survive without proper accounting processes. That’s because of their legal obligation to track money flows and file taxes. They can choose to do their own accounting for their business, but this is a tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient process. Alternatively, they can outsource bookkeeping functions to an accounting firm, but that generally means costly fees. Lastly, they can use accounting software to automate the process. This saves time, money and minimizes human error.

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Company update: The New semilimes Workspace

High quality adjustments have been made to semilimes. As you’ve discovered, semilimes is a powerful tool ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. It allows you to manage all business activities in one space. 

Last week we introduced some key improvements as part of our transformation journey. 

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Apple’s not-so-great start for 2019 could mean better things ahead for iPhone fans

Nope, Apple’s not going anywhere - and here's why.

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