Don’t Be Fooled: ‘Big Philanthropy’ Isn’t About Helping the Disadvantaged

The size of the check was formidable. The smiles on the men and women holding it glowed. Brilliant white teeth, perfectly positioned hair, and lighting that had been carefully crafted to capture the moment for posterity were factors that took place behind the scenes.

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Italy’s Espresso is too Strong for Starbucks

Italy, the country where espresso came from, is not really big on fancy, sweetened, or iced coffee. So, what pushed the coffee chain giant to the edge and open up a store in an obviously unwelcoming environment?

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Are You Willing to Sacrifice Everything? If Not … Maybe You Don’t Deserve to WIN!

Take a breath. A moment.

Just breathe...

If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re someone who is striving to build a successful business, then this title might sting a bit. If you’re not, then what are you doing here? No, it’s okay. We welcome you. Why? Because you could very well be another incredible success story we share tomorrow!

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“No Indians or Nigerians” - Freelancing From a Third World Country

I believed I was going to become a millionaire at 21, or 25 at most. I was in a haste to get over my university education, which wasn’t optional for a girl child born to middle class African parents in the 80’s...

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Set Aside Fear of Free Business Tools


Why you shouldn’t let concern for privacy leaks paralyze your potential.

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Enjoy Apple's communication on status of semilimes Messenger review for Apple iOS

messenger for apple iOS

Our mobile development team is counting the hours until the release...

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Add GitHub And Sentry Bots To Your semilimes Messenger Channels


semilimes Messenger has just become an even more Powerful Team Communication Platform - With the Integration of GitHub and Sentry Bots. Setting up these Bot Feeds coudn't be easier... 

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The Opinions, Experiences, and Thoughts of Our Client Base SHAPE Our Direction

Growth. It’s one of the major goals for most businesses. It sounds great when those couple of men or women pour countless hours into building their business...

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Localization for Switzerland

semilimes ERP can be conveniently configured and used by companies in a large variety of different jurisdictions and industries. In addition to the US and Canada, we have just added Switzerland to the standard configuration process in the ERP and Website configurator. This makes the ERP configuration and launch process for Switzerland based companies super easy and hassle free.

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