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Supercharge your business with a set of powerful online tools, seamlessly collaborate with your team, kick off a project with top talents from semilimes marketplace.

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semilimes is free of charge for businesses and individuals

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Run your Business on a fully-fledged E-Commerce and ERP system

semilimes is entirely Cloud-based and doesn’t require any software installation.
It is best enjoyed on Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

ERP with integrated Website Builder  

Build a corporate website with integrated Shop, Forum, Blog and more using  drag and drop features

semilimes takes ERP and team collaboration to the next level

Connect to People and Businesses

List your skills and talents in the directory and find customers for you and your business. Alternatively, receive job and freelance  contract offers by selecting the “available for hire” option in your personal profile.

Chats, Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing and File Sharing

Chats, Voice and Video Calls, Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, and Emailing – is available with Messenger directly from your Web Browser.

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